Your achievements trading with Olymp Trade

  • Choose from a variety of assets and trade the way you want.
  • Adjust your transactions to control risks and increase your trading efficiency.
  • Make deposits and withdraw profits quickly, with no commissions.




We are Making Trading Smooth and Easy to Understand

  • Trade with No Risks

    Learn by using your free demo account with 10,000 in virtual currency.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Use ready-to-go trading strategies developed by professionals.

  • Feel the Support

    We will answer all your questions 24/7. We speak your language.

Learn to Trade Within Just a Few Minutes

Complete our interactive tutorial

Step 1 out of 11

We'll start with the trading terminal, the main Olymp Trade window with a chart. Here you can monitor and analyze the market value of your assets.

Step 2 out of 11

Here you can customize the chart view, choosing one out of 3 available options, and set up indicators to help you forecast price movements.

Step 3 out of 11

Here you can browse the list of assets and choose trading mechanics to your liking.

Step 4 out of 11

This menu allows you to monitor trade status, access the Market, check platform events, get useful information from the Help Center, contact Customer Support Service, or set up an account.

Step 5 out of 11

This is a trade dashboard where you can open and set up your trades. We'll get back to that later.

Step 6 out of 11

Click here to see a list of your accounts and start trading.

Step 7 out of 11

Before opening a trade, you need to select one of your accounts.

All users enjoy a free Demo account to practice trading.

You can top up your live account using whatever method is most convenient for you. Here you can open trades and make a real profit.

Step 8 out of 11

Now, click on the icon to select one of the assets and trading mechanics.

Step 9 out of 11

There are 80+ assets and two trading mechanics available on Olymp Trade:

FTT - trades with a fixed rate of return and duration.

FX - trading with an unlimited rate of return and manual closing of trades.

Step 10 out of 11

You've chosen an asset. Now indicate a desirable amount and duration of the trade. After that the trade can be opened.

Step 11 out of 11

Correct forecast on a live account will yield profits, and a Demo account will help you gain valuable experience.

Make Deposits and Withdraw Profits Without Commissions

No commissions. Use trusted means of payment.

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