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What are
Fixed Time trades?

They're a financial tool for earning by forecasting currency exchange rates. The process is called trading, and the people who do it are called traders. Traders forecast the rise or fall of exchange rates over a specified period of time. If a forecast is correct, the trader receives a profit of up to 100% of the trade amount.

  • Choose an asset and a time for the trade.
  • Enter the trade amount.
  • Designate a strike price to increase profitability or reduce risk.
  • Choose whether the price of the asset will be above or below the strike price.
  • Take your profit if your forecast is successful.

It's easier than Forex
It's more than pure luck

Fixed Time trades don't require the trader to analyze the financial market in depth. But, you should not rely on luck.

To trade successfully, a beginning trader should explore the features of the trading platform and learn a few popular trading strategies.

Platform Education Features

Ready-to-go Strategies
Interactive Courses

It's easy to start

  • Choose a basic asset

    Currency pairs, stocks, metals and oil

  • Enter the trade amount

    The minimum trade amount of just $1

  • Determine where the price will go

    Will it rise or fall?

  • Get your profit

    Better skills, higher earnings

Proven strategy
"Japanese Martin"
Created by professional traders

Use the Japanese Candlestick chart, which shows the price change over a certain time, e.g., 5 minutes. The red candle means that the price was falling, while the green one shows that the price was rising.

If you monitor the chart for some time, you'll notice that candles of the same color come in groups. This means the next candle will probably be of the same color.

Japanese Candlestick Chart

Choose a change in an asset over 5 minutes and leave the strike price at the default value. The candlesticks show the changes in the asset.

A red candle means that the price is falling,
while a green one means that it's rising.

Every candle becomes inactive after 5 minutes, that is, it "closes." Once it closes, a new candle starts forming. This is the best time to open a trade.

Open a trade
based on the color of the previous candle

if the previous candle was
green — open an UP trade.

if the previous candle was
red — open a DOWN trade.

Once the 5 minutes has passed, your trade is closed.

Enter your new
trade amount

If your forecast was incorrect, double the trade amount – after you’ve won, it will cover all your losses during previous stages.

If it's correct, set your initial investment amount.

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Arthur Dee
Analyst and Trader
This strategy is based on precise mathematic calculations. Just stick to the Japanese Martin principles, and you will be getting stable income.

How to Withdraw Earnings

Withdraw your profits with no commissions or restrictions using your preferred payment method, including VISA, MasterCard, or e-wallets, e.g. WebMoney, Neteller, and Skrill

a payment
to your card
your funds
from an ATM
a payment
to your card
your funds
from an ATM
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