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What is Fixed Time Trading?

Fixed Time is a mode of trading on the Olymp Trade platform enabling you to earn money using currency, stocks, indices, ETFs, and other assets' exchange rate differences. The process is called trading, whereas an investor is called the trader.

Easier than the trading floor.
Harder than pure luck.

Fixed Time trading doesn't require the trader to analyze the financial market in depth. That said, a trader can't rely on pure luck either.

For trading more effectively and understanding the tone of the market, it is advisable for a novice trader to explore the possibilities of the trading platform and acquaint themselves with several popular trading strategies.

Educational Possibilities of the Platform

  • Economic News Overviews
  • Ready-to-go Trading Strategies
  • Webinars and Video Tutorials

It's Easy to Get Started

  • Register
    on the platform
  • Complete the interactive
  • Choose one
    of the strategies
  • Practice
    using a demo account
  • Make a deposit
    and become an expert

The Tested Japanese Standard Strategy

Trading involves using a Japanese candlesticks chart. The price chart is a series of alternating candlesticks of various sizes indicating rate changes over a certain time interval such as 5 minutes. It works best for currency pairs, commodities, and stock indices.

  • 01

    Switch to the Japanese Candlesticks Chart


    If the price of the asset goes up during the selected period, the candlestick turns green, if it goes down, the candlestick turns red.

    Several candlesticks of the same color, forming a consecutive line, indicate a trend.

  • 01

    Learn to Identify Signals


    «Bullish Engulfing Pattern»

    The body of the green candlestick overlaps the bodies of the red ones.
    This means an uptrend, a signal to open Up trades.

    «Bearish Engulfing Pattern»

    The body of the red candlestick overlaps the bodies of the green ones. This possibly means a downtrend, a signal to open Down trades.

  • 01

    Open a Trade Corresponding to the Signal Direction


    If the preceding candlestick closes green (Bullish engulfing pattern), open an Up trade.

    If the preceding candlestick closes red (Bearish engulfing pattern), open a Down trade.

  • 01

    Trade as a Professional


    The trade time has to correspond exactly to the candlestick time frame.

    Try the Strategy

Trade Safely with Olymp Trade

The broker's activity is certified and insured by the
international regulator FinaCom Plc.

  • Every trade is insured for
    Number of active traders
  • Deposits are kept
    in a European bank
    Quote history is available for all assets on the platform

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