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Why are traders choosing Fixed Time Trades?

They are the most lucrative financial instrument and enable you to earn by predicting changes in currency exchange rates. The process is called trading, and one who trades is a trader. A trader anticipates that an exchange rate will rise or fall over a certain time period. If the trader is right, s/he makes a profit up to 90% of the trade amount.

  • Follow the chart of price rises and falls
  • Select the trade time
  • Determine the amount of the trade
  • Decide whether the asset price will go up or down

It’s easy to start

in 30 seconds
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in 30 seconds
on a demo account
Fill the account
Trade with a high

A reliable method for earning on the dollar exchange rate

  • 24-hours


    The method works any time of day

  • cash

    It’s simple

    It doesn't matter whether the dollar becomes more expensive or cheaper – in either case you have an opportunity to earn.

  • checked


    Tested by experienced traders

What is the method based on?


Trading is based on the “Japanese candlesticks” chart. Each candlestick shows how the price for a given asset has changed over the selected time interval, e.g., 5 minutes. If the candlestick is green, it means that the asset got more expensive. If it's red, it got cheaper.

Candlesticks of the same color most often follow one another or, as traders say, they form a trend. All you need, therefore, is to open a trade in the direction of the trend just when a new candlestick forms.

  • 01.


    Japanese candlesticks

    Open the chart for any asset, e.g., the EUR/UDS currency pair. Turn on the “Japanese Candlesticks” chart type.


    Select a time for the candlesticks: 5 minutes. This time is called the time frame.

  • 02.


    5 minutes

    Set this time for the trade.

  • 03.



    When the timer next to the candlestick reaches zero, open a trade.

  • 04.



    If the candlestick closed red, click on the red «Down» button, if green, on the green « Up» button. The trade will close in 5 minutes.

What do you do if the prediction is wrong?

  • method-step-5

    If the trade closed in the red, double the amount. Income from a correct prediction will not only cover all previous losses, but will also enable you to earn.

  • method-step-6

    If the trade closed in the black, return the initial amount.

Pay attention!

There might be more than two losing trades in a row.

Keep calm and keep following your plan. The first candlestick that replicates the previous one will return all your investments and turn a profit.

This method is based on precise mathematical calculation. Traders who stick to it earn a steady profit.


Arthur Dee

Analyst and Trader

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