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Easier Than the Trading Floor
It's More Than Just Luck

Fixed Time trading doesn't require the trader to analyze the financial market in depth. That said, a trader can't rely on pure luck either.

For trading more effectively and understanding the tone of the market, it is advisable for a novice trader to explore the possibilities of the trading platform and acquaint themselves with several popular trading strategies.

It's Easy to Get Started

  • Register
    on the platform

  • Complete
    the interactive tutorial

  • Choose one
    of the strategies

  • Practice
    using a demo account

  • Make a deposit
    and become an expert

Educational Possibilities of the Platform

  • Economic News Overviews

  • Ready-to-go Trading Strategies

  • Webinars and Video Tutorials

Make Deposits and Withdraw Profits Without Commissions

No commissions. Use trusted payment methods.

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