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Use the Japanese Martin method

A mathematically precise strategy developed
by professional traders

  • Bidding takes place on the Japanese candlesticks chart, which shows the change in rate over a particular time period, e.g., 5 minutes. Red means that the rate fell; green, that it rose.
  • If you watch the chart, you’ll see that candlesticks of the same color usually come in groups. This means that there is a high probability that the next candlestick will be of the same color.
  • To make a correct prediction and earn a profit, you need to bet on the color of the last candlestick.

The Japanese Martin Strategy

The Japanese Martin is not a one-off trick or plain luck. To me, it’s pure mathematics. The challenge is to decide to use this strategy and strictly follow its key tenets. Those who can do this earn truly big money.
Arthur Dee
Analyst and Trader

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